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I am a recent graduate of a HND in Interactive Media at Edinburgh College, Granton.

I have a passion for creating and developing interesting and new things through either physical hobbies such as modelmaking, arts and crafts, bicycle repair and DIY, through to coding, particularly using Bootstrap and PHP to create complex content-driven websites. I'm one of those weird people who enjoys learning new things, and I have a habit of overloading my browser with tabs for stuff I want to either learn or get the hang of.

During my spare time, I'm an avid mountain-biker and rock-climber, with options on travelling where and when I am able to.

Contact Details

07858 237 464


Edinburgh College

HND in Interactive Media (A Grade) August 2014 - June 2016

Based first at Sighthill campus, then moving to Granton for the second year, this course concentrated on a wide range of skills relevant to Web Development and various other forms of Media.

The bulk of the first year concentrated on Flash animation, some Java, Digital Imaging and creating a website for a client.

The second year focused on Human/Computer Interface, Sound and Vision for Interactivity, creating a 3d animation using 3DS Max, designing and building an interactive media product, Professional and Legal issues for developers, building an e-business, and designing and building an App using Swift for iPhone.

Both of the main projects I worked on for Web Development can be found in the Portfolio section. The Graded Unit project is Cramond Island Hotel, while Developing an Interactive Media Product is Traildog.

I completed the HND in June 2016 with an A Grade, and 93% in the Graded Unit.

NPA in Digital Media January 2014 - May 2014

This short course was recommended as an introduction into the HND to ensure I had the basic skills for the later course. It covered Java briefly, some JavaScript and concentrated on things like Mathematics and English.



Prior to starting the NPA course, I started learing how to use Bootstrap effectively in order to create Responsive site designs. This is still a work in progress, as I am still learning new ways of utilising the tools that Bootstrap brings to the table, however nearly all the sites I have made recently use it as a framework.

At this stage, I have used most of the major aspects of Bootstrap and am comfortable with identifying where and what is required, as well as implementing them.


I have been working with PHP since well before starting at Edinburgh College. My main impetus to start learning it was in order to create TrailDog, as the original site was using Wordpress, which didn't match up to the requirements of the site.

The learning process is a constant one, and I know I still have a lot to learn with it. Whenever I find a situation during coding that I'm not sure how to do, the answer is usually in one of the functions of PHP that I am yet to work with, which is the point I sit down and expand my knowledge into those areas.


Codecademy is one of the first sites I used to start learning various languages. To date I have completed all the HTML, CSS, PHP and jQuery sections, and intend to begin on Ruby now that college has ended and I have time to spare.

Personal Projects

My main Personal Project is Traildog, which can be viewed in the Portfolio section.

It is a Mountain Bike trail directory that is intended to be user-generated. It is currently in a scaled-back state due to an issue with a previous host which required a complete re-write of the code behind it. The re-write was adapted to be a major part of my coursework.

I've also been working on SimplyWastingTime, however development and improvements were suspended for a large part of this year due to college work taking up a lot of time. I intend to resume work with an overhaul of the site to implement elements I have learned since I first created it.

Login Systems

One of the first login systems I worked with was using SimpleMachines Forums login and extending it to the site it was attached to. Over time I have developed my own system that uses SHA-256 with salt and hash, as well as a verification system and password recovery.

Organisational and Leadership

I volunteer every year as part of the Mountain Bike World Cup in Fort William as one of the Heads of Department for Access and Control. This mostly means working out an organisational plan for access to the site during the event, as well as parking planning and implementation for competitors. A major part of the job is working and carrying out a strategy for spectator access via local parking areas and shuttle buses, culminating in an efficient, safe and practical way to get spectators out of the event and on to the buses and carparks they arrived from. This years event saw 22,000 visitors over three days, and my developed strategy worked on a far larger scale than was anticipated.

I was in charge of a team of roughly 23 people, as well as liasing with security and Police.

I regularly organise cycling trips to the Portes Du Soleil in France for groups of riders. This encompasses locating and booking sufficiently sized accommodation, arranging travel either by car and ferry or by air, group shopping and then getting us all home again.

So far I have organised 7 successful trips, with groups ranging from 7 people up to 17.

Other things

For other projects, I have designed and created a unique coupon code generation system that allows for set amounts of codes to be generated, stored and their delivery and redemption statuses to be tracked. I am also currently working on a relatively simple e-commerce solution.

Further Plans

My plans for the near future are to work more on AJAX and AngularJS as well as improving my Javascript skills. I intend to start learning implementation of Payment Processors for one of my projects.

Two major projects I want to embark on are learning how to do Object Orientated PHP, as this appears to be an industry standard, and understanding and being able to implement it would help greatly. The other is learning the use of Frameworks such as CodeIgniter and Yii. I suspect OOP and frameworks are closely related, so working on both at the same time seems to be an efficient use of time.


Freelance Work

Designer/Developer 2014 - Present

I have been doing Freelance work for a while, though as a student, work has been scarce and mostly restricted to friends and family, and mostly unpaid.

All my projects are in the Portfolio section.

Morrisons Supermarkets

Customer Services February 2016 - Current

I currently work for Morrisons Supermarkets in the Customer Cafe.

This role requires me to maintain an adequate level of smartness while serving customers and dealing with potential complaints. A large part of the job involves delivery of the products to the customer and additional customer service and troubleshooting if required.

I also have to sweep and mop.


Many people include a nice set of bars showing how many percent of knowledge they have in certain subjects.

I'm fairly certain it's impossible to put a percentage to a programming language, as it's possible to have read all the things it can do but not actually understand it. Instead, these represent how many years I have been working with these skills, ignoring ones I've only used infrequently.

  • HTML/HTML5 - 7 Years
  • CSS - 7 Years
  • PHP - 4 Years
  • MySQLi - 3 Years
  • Adobe CS / Earlier Versions - 16 Years
  • Microsoft Office - 14 Years

Get In Touch.

If you like the sound of my Portfolio, or have a position available that I would be suitable for, or just want to know more, please use the Contact form and send me a message, or give me a call on 07858 237 464.

I try to respond to emails within 24 hours.

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